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Saturday, October 23, 2004

Australia here I come!

I am off to Perth on 28 November 2004! I am planning on staying at least 4 months, perhaps longer depending on what work I can find, and other factors...

My flight details are:

Singapore Airlines, Flight SQ0317 Depart Heathrow at 28/11/2004 11:00, arrive Singapore 29/11/2004 07:40.

Singapore Airlines, flight SQ0223 Depart Singapore at 29/11/2004 09:35, arrive Perth 29/11/2004 14:35

That should get me a few Aeroplan points!

Why am I going? Well m'friends Matt & Michelle and Stewart & Vicki are out there (the girls are Australian), and Matt & Michelle are getting married on 11 December, so it was either 'have a holiday' or 'quit job, sell up and pack up'. Well, it was an obvious choice wasn't it?

I have a Working Holiday visa that I applied for, and gained, on 10 March 2004 - I was planning on being in Perth mid-June, but unfortunately flat-selling antics conspired against me, so I am four months late! I am planning on either finding work as a Health Care Assistant (or local equivalent) or whatever else comes along! I've already contacted St John Ambulance, WA and by happy coincidence they appear to be a few doors down from Matt & Michelle's house! At last, a St John uniform with a nice hat!

I'm looking forward to it, bookmark Kyle in Australia to keep up to date with my antics!