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Thursday, March 10, 2005

Epic Scooter Journeys III, IV, V and VII

I've now exhausted all the worthwhile places that are comfortably scooterable from Perth.

On 11 February I went to Lancelin [map], which took about 3.5 hours. Lancelin is a big of roading and sandboarding centre, but as I went on a weekday it was dead. Never mind, it was a nice journey with some good stops on the way, and on the way back. Ledge Point, where the Moore river meets the sea, is about 20 km back towards Perth from Lancelin, and is actually bigger, and has more to see, yet I cannot find much about the place on the interweb.

Some photos from the trip are here:

After my trip to Monkey Mia, I went to New Norcia [map], Australia's only Monastic town. The museum was one of the best I've been to with its art collection being unique in that is was the first time I have ever been to a gallery where I would happily house everything on display. The hotel served a great fish and chips. Oddly the only people I saw in the town were builders, those working in the museum and hotel and a couple of other tourists. Also in a town of about 50 buildings, there are 7 public toilets - I used them all.

Some photos here:

For some reason galerie is insisting on putting one of the later pictures first.

I decided to have a shorter trip a couple of days later, so I went to Rockingham [map], of which the best feature was Point Peron, which took about an hour to explore, and then I was done with Rockingham, so I checked my map and decided to head further south to Mandurah [map], which unfortunately provided even less to see. I still managed to take a few pictures, though.

Yesterday I went on my last trip, to Brookton, along some great, quiet roads lined with wonderful trees. It was a good journey. However when I arrived I found the tourist info had just closed, but to compensate I had a great home made quiche from the deli, sat and read my book and then came home. Not very eventful, but a thoroughly pleasant journey.

Epic Scooter Journey VI was Northam.


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