1988 ridgeback 602sis

This was my first mountain bike, as well as my first adult bike. It was also one of the very first mountain bikes available in the UK. So i guess I'm a bit of a trend setter really?
When I bought this bike, I was 12, and so an 18 inch frame didn't really suit me, but the shop convinced me that I'd grow into it. Never do this. It was a nightmare trying to ride a bike too big for me! I couldn't put my feet down, I had trouble reaching the handlebars... But I'm glad I got this bike, because once it fitted, it was great to be able to get into the countryside of Surrey and see places. I used this bike to get to school on, and I used it to go and visit friends. Surrey is really quite flat, so it was a great way of getting about. Anyway, enough of my reminiscing!
When new, this bike came equipped with the latest Shimano Biopace chainset (!), a powerful U-brake on the underside of the chainstays and new Shimano indexed gears (hence the SIS of the moniker). It cost £350.
After about 4 years, the U-brake had broken, the cables had seized and people had realised the error of Biopace. So it was replaced, and forgotten.
In 1995 I happened across something I had been searching for a long time: A replacement U-brake! over the next 2 years I acquired various bits and bobs, a new chain ring here, a new set and handlebar here.
I decided I wanted to build this bike as a single speed. I would need new wheels: I decided to make my own. I went down the library, found a copy of Jobst Brandt's "The Bicycle Wheel" and made a wheel that was the best first effort my local bike shop had ever seen (apparently). The bike is made up of lots of bits I won, borrowed from other bikes, and found in the bargain bins. I spent about £100 doing the bike up, which isn't bad considering everything except the frame, fork and cranks was replaced! It's great!

1988 Ridgeback 602SIS  
Frame Plain Gauge Cro-Mo
Forks Plain Gauge Cro-Mo
Headset Tioga Cartridge
Rims Rigida
Hubs Sachs
Spokes DT stainless, brass nipples
Tyres Continental Town & Country
Cranks Exage Trail
Bottom Bracket Shimano Sealed
F Deraileur N/A
R Deraileur N/A
Shifters N/A
Chain Sachs
Brakes U-Brake, Tektro V
Levers Tektro V/Standard
Stem Halfords Cro-Mo Lite
Handlebars Marin Lite
Grips Ame Clear Red
Seatpost Madison (original)
Saddle Rolls (red)
Pedals Mongoose BMX.
Other Red bell, Red cable outers. 
DCD stops chain rubbing on U-brake. 
Rockring, to protect trousers!