yamaha sr125

Here is a little bit about my first motor bike. I bought a Yamaha SR125, because it was the bike I did my CBT on and also I was advised it was a good make by my motorcycling grandmother. 
My bike looked just like this when it was new, except it is green. And I don't remember it ever whizzing along on it's own like this (although nearly!). There are some pictures of my bike further down the page, but I quite like this one...
The SR125 is sold as a learner or commuter bike, here's what the Yamaha SR125 pages say:
Easy to manoeuvre, simple to use and featuring an electric starter and enclosed drive chain, the Yamaha SR125 is an ideal machine for new riders and commuters. Driven by a highly reliable 125 cc 4-stroke engine that produces a smooth band of power, this economical motorcycle is one of the most rider friendly bikes in the class. Natural riding position, slightly raised handlebars and pillion grab rail make for high levels of comfort for you and your passenger, while the low seat height and compact dimensions ensure lightweight handling around town.
Which is nice, but it didn't stop me nearly wheeling when I came to my first roundabout. It didn't take me long to get used to riding a bike, and now I think it's a lot more fun than driving a car any day! (except a day that's cold and wet, perhaps) I have had a few problems, mind you... most of which are down to the fact that I bought my bike from Motorcycle City.

catalogue of disasters...
Well, maybe not quite. I haven't had anything go wrong with the bike itself, the problems have been in the serve I've had from Motorcycle City. When I got the bike, I was convinced to pay for 2 years servicing in advance, because it would beat the price increase, and would save worrying about finding the money in the future. This seemed quite a good deal, so I went for it. Also the vouchers entitled me to "Priority Service" which is nice. Of the services I've had, I've had the engine overfilled with oil, meaning I could smell it burning! They failed to notice my tires were quite flat. They didn't notice my chain had a lot of slack, meaning I had to replace the whole chain and cogs within 1,500 mile of new. and then I find that their servicing charges are extraordinary, and it can take up to 2 weeks to get my bike serviced! On the last service, the voucher I used was valued at £90. The receipt for the service came to £78! so rather than beating the price increase, I paid over the odds in the first place!

When I have ordered replacement parts, they have taken ages. they once took 2 months to get a replacement clutch lever, and when it came, it was the wrong size! just a couple of days later I ordered and got the part from a smaller local bike shop!

I have had a few accidents, bt none that were really my fault! The first time it rained after I got my bike, I slipped on a man-hole cover, and slid along for a bit. no damage was done, but I lost the battery cover. A while later I was riding to uni, when I missed my turning, so I did a U-turn and then went to turn into the turning I missed (clear?) but a car drove straight into the side of me. I got knocked off my bike and landed running down the road. The clutch lever snapped off (I've now got the end as a funky key-ring) and my bike went into shock and wouldn't start. The driver of the car said she'd thought I was just doing a U-turn, and wasn't expecting me to carry on round the corner. I'm not sure who was wrong. It was only £5 for the lever, so I'm not bothered (and key-rings can cost a lot more than that!) Later still as I drove to work, it was raining and I slipped going round a corner on Farnborough airfield at 5 mph. I was right outside the fire station, and apparently they'd had a spillage. Apparently diesel is slippery! No damage done, but I was shocked to slide so far, so slowly.
The worst accident I've had is in Alderbury. I decided to come home for the day from uni, because a friend had annoyed me by changing her plans and not coming out with me for the day, so I wasn't really in a good mood any way, and then I got to Salisbury, and Matt & Tiggy's was closed (Used to be a great little cafe, now smells of fish). That was the final straw, so I stormed off home in a huff, and when I came to alderbury, I crashed into a barrier on the Alderbury turning, and caused £100 of damage. Whoops! As you can see from the picture I have cunningly repaired the speedo with insulation tape. I will get a new one when money permits.
Other that that I've had to replace the speedo cable when the old one snapped after my accident (that was done by Motorcycle City under warrantee, gullible!) I also had to replace both hand levers and the gear change lever because my bike kept getting blown over in the wind whilst at university. It's perfectly happy now in it's garden home...

Sadly on 17th November 1999, my Yamaha SR125 passed to the other side. Greatly assisted by me driving it under a lorry, it has to be said. What happened was this: I was on my way to work at 8.40am, overtaking the rush hour traffic as I normally do. So the lorry going about 20mph in front of me didn't pose any threat, especially since there was so much room avalisble to the prospective motorcycle overtaker. Unfortunately by the time I got down to the cab end of the lorry there was not so much room, and somehow I managed to catch my handlebar on the side of the lorry, and get all tangled resulting in a bike flipping over and over with me being dragged along. luckily my bike went into the lorry and not me. Not luckily it will cost £1,485 to repair the bike. It cost £1,800 new! So farewell, then, Yamaha SR125

Type 4-stroke , SOHC , air-cooled
Cylinder arrangement Forward Inclined Single Cylinder
Displacement 124 cc
Bore x Stroke 57 x 48.8 mm
Compression Ratio 10:1
Maximum power 12 HP (8.8 kW) @ 8500 rpm
Maximum Torque 1 kg-m (9.8 Nm) @ 8000 rpm
Starting System Electric
Lubrication Wet sump
Carburation TEIKEI Y24P/1
Primary Reduction Ratio 73/22 (3.318)
Secondary Reduction Ratio 49/14 (3.500)
Clutch type Wet sump
Transmission Type Constant mesh 5-speed
Gear Ratio 1st 36/16 (2.250)
Gear Ratio 2nd 31/21 (1.476)
Gear Ratio 3rd 27/24 (1.125)
Gear Ratio 4th 25/27 (0.926)
Gear Ratio 5th 23/29 (0.793)
Ignition System C.D.I.
Final Transmission Chain
Overall Length 1915 mm
Overall Width 775 mm
Overall Height 1080 mm
Seat Height 745 mm
Wheelbase 1280 mm
Minimum Ground Clearance 155 mm
Dry Weight 106 kg
Frame Type Diamond
Caster Angle 26.75°
Trail 90 mm
Fuel Tank Capacity 10 L
Front Suspension Telescopic fork
Front Shock Absorber Coil Spring Oil Damper
Rear Suspension Swinging arm
Rear Shock Absorber Coil Spring Oil Damper
Front Wheel 17 X 1.60
Front Wheel Travel 120 mm
Rear Wheel 16 X 1085
Rear Wheel Travel 78 mm
Front Brake Single disc, 267 mm diam
Rear Brake Drum
Front tyre 3.00-17 45P
Rear tyre 3.50-16 52P