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Danny Baker

Here's the man who would like to be remembered for an impressive six octave range but he will in fact be remembered for Daz adverts.
Danny Baker's show, previously housed in the luxurious Radio 1, later to take up residence at the BBC's Country Estate of GLR.; Later still to be deported to Talk Radio and then onto Virgin has now found a new, fully furnished, residence at back at BBC London (née GLR) where he belongs (Monday-Friday 6am -9am) the show invites the you into the 'World of Danny Baker' (is that a good thing?) - to answer questions on a wide range of topics including music, films, and settling arguments Danny had down the pub last night. Also entwined in this radio treehouse is Danny's fast talking blend of wit, amusing stories and music drawn from his vast record collection (we're talking everything from "Yellow Polka Dot Bikini", The Smiths, The Beach Boys, and Oasis).

But his real love is discovering the weirder eccentricities of his audience - they are the real stars. Experiences are swapped on an extraordinary mixture of subjects - the worst sponge-filled furniture they've owned, the scariest place they've been to, the most boring trip their parents took them on as a child. Other highlights include the man who got a donkey to smash a CD, the woman who dropped a cupboard full of Special Brew out of a four storey window and the Chainsaw CD Massacre - all on the air - that's spontaneity for you...

Danny Kelly, Managing Editor of Q Magazine has been, in the past, a regular guest on Danny's Radio 1 shows. Danny Baker was born in Deptford, south east London, and began his career on The New Musical Express (That's the NME to me and you). He has since presented many television shows including LWT's 'Six O'Clock Live' (for eight years) BBC's 'TV Hell', BBC's 'TV Heroes', and the BBC's 'Danny Baker After All'.

He has also presented many radio shows, including Sportscall for Radio 5, 606, a football phone-in show for Radio 5 and the Danny Baker show on GLR. Before joining Radio 1 Danny was presenting Danny Baker's Morning Edition for Radio 5, for which he won the Sony/Tric Radio Personality of the Year 1992. Danny then went back to GLR for a stint, then over to Virgin for a while. Now he's back on BBC London (née GLR). I think.

Danny's writing credits include the Jonathan Ross shows for Channel 4 and for Radio 1, Jasper Carrot Shows, Comedy Awards for LWT (1991,1992,1993) and the Variety Club Awards. And, more recently TFI Friday, for Channel 4

He has also made numerous football videos - Own Goals and Gaffs, Whose Season Was It Anyway? and Right Hammerings amongst them, and appeared in Panto where he played Idle Jack in Dick Whittington at Barking. Danny is married with three children, and a great love for P.G.Wodehouse. (whether this too is a result of his marriage we are not sure)