Music - The root of all Evil, and the cause of much joy
A. Einstein.

Of course, I've just made up that Einstein quote, because I've noticed that a well respected quote can lent a certain tone to your web pages - if a suitable one doesn't exist, then make it up!

In this section I have gathered a few bits and bobs about music. And as if this wasn't enough to keep the hoards happy I also have some links here.

First of all here are a couple of pages which I'm hosting.

iplm pages this way... Interplanetary Luggage Mix Ups is a CD of music featuring the tip top talent of students from the University of Surrey. The CD features 10 songs, all by different bands. In the case of the music department bands, there is a slightly inbred feeling. The same drummer features in 7 out of 10 of the songs! But whatever this is a great CD, and I'm pleased I have a copy, as too am I pleased to have know many of the artists! Follow the link and you too can get your hands on this masterpiece for free. Only while stocks last!!

Old Go! Discs Pages
These pages ARE well out of date, since they come from the time when "Blue Is The Colour" was just released. This is not the point. The point is that I rescued them just a day before the old Go! Discs site shut down (because the label died), This means that these pages are to be considered a family heirloom! Despite their age they contain some interesting personal info about the band, and a discography upto the time of blue is the colour. The newish official Beautiful South homepage can be found at

of interest (maybe)
But that's not all I wanted to tell you about. Now, you see, is time for me to show off. Because I'm quite keen on music, I have a lot of it. Lots of chart music, of course, but for some reason lots of other stuff my friends have never heard of. Quite a lot of this has come from listening to Danny Baker's radio shows. All in I have about 300 CD albums, and 400 CD singles. This has been added to over the last year by a vast 80's Vinyl collection (including NOW! 1..14!) which I occasionally DJ (to various acclaim) I don't relish in buying stuff other people don't know about, I just buy what I like. But then who has Richard O'Brein's latest album? Hootie & the Blowfish anyone? there a few bands whose records I buy almost religiously. There's The Beautiful South, R.E.M, and The KLF. KLF records are a real nightmare to get hold of, but thankfully there are plenty of bootlegs. The best record I own is a CD single of K Cera Cera, still in it's original wrapping!
Aren't you glad you read that paragraph now? You've gained absolutely nothing from it, except to realise what sort of fellow I am. Which is hopefully a good thing.
23rd January 2002