Well, I read through that story about my life, and I realised that it does not really tell you who I am. This is probably because it is very abridged. To balance things out a bit I will just try and sum myself up in a paragraph or five.

I am Kyle Thompson, I live in Bristol in the west of England where I am a student nurse at the University of the West of England. I like to think I'm quite intelligent, but not very clever sometimes...

I enjoy fencing, cycling (mountina bikes and my Vespa), climbing, swimming, skiing, reading and fiddling with my iBook and OS X. Pretty much anything ending with '-ing', in fact. Oh, and going to the cinema. And listening to music. I have built up quite a good collection of 80's music that I DJ'd to various degrees of success at university. I collect watches and coins. I have about 150 Swatch watches and a few coins. I got rid of the stamps.

I'm of questionable height (somewhere between 5'8" & 5'11") and fluctuating weight (11st-13st). I have short blondish hair (It's not ginger, at least not on my head). I have my hair in a style I like to call "Okay, I'm Receding But At Least I'm Not Hiding It". I wear glasses. I don't think I'm physically attractive.

What do I like doing? I like going out with friends, having fun. The only thing I don't like doing is staying at home on my own. At least not when there's fun to be had.

I think that's me.
23 August 2006