a little story
Here we go, then. I've now got unenviable task of summing up the first 23 or so years of my life in just a couple of pages. Of course I could just not bother, but then that would be a bit of a cop-out, wouldn't it. So, then, this is me.

I was born on 4th July 1976, at Epsom Hospital, Surrey. The time was about 2 am, and I weighed 2lbs. Very light, I know. I've made up for it since!  My parents were (and still are...) Karen & Julien. I spent the first few month of my life living with my parents somewhere in Bookham, and then somewhere in a caravan. Until what with one thing and another I moved in with my maternal grandmother at 28 Pound Crescent, Fetcham. I have loads of baby photos, but at present I have no plans to scan them and post them... so you're lucky, for now.

After a few good years at Fetcham, with lots of aunts and an uncle to look after me (and knock my head on the door jamb) it was time to venture into the world of school. I went to Eastwick Primary school, and excellent state school with lots of playing grounds. On my first day I met Azim Malook, and we were friends right until I left Surrey in 1989. Azim would often come to my house to play and for tea. One memorable game from school was talking backwards - my name's Elyk. Azim's an estate agent now. Other friends were Russell, who used to protect me from bullies, not that I remember any (must have done a good job) and Paul, whose father was a police officer. We always used to say grace when I went to his house. (Only before eating, of course)
Eastwick lunchtime was always a strenuous affair, with dinner ladies forcing me to eat lumpy mashed potato. I remember throwing up at least a couple of times a week. Eastwick was a strange primary school, because it was 2 schools in one, a primary school, and a middle school. But that was nice because it meant that you were separated from the older kids. Everyone used to call be Kyle Cardigan, because of the hand knitted cardigans my aunt used to make me. Everyone else used to wear pullovers, but I insisted on a cardigan. Strange boy.

One year the whole of my class came to my birthday party. It was a mistake really. My class was split into 2 groups of 12, (with 2 teachers. We weren't complain about class sizes in those days!) I only wanted 'my' group to come but the teachers invited everyone. But my grandmother came up trumps, we managed to fit and entertain 24 children in a 3 bedroom council house. A lot of the credit must go to Uncle Sausage, who did magic and balloon modeling. I saw Uncle Sausage not that long ago in Leatherhead, performing in the street. Great guy!