a little story continues...
Just before in my second year Easter I met Jane at a No-Wave lower bar thing. For some reason (because she's nice?) I was instantly attracted to her, and spent the rest of the night talking crap at her, the way we do. The next night, I found Jane and apologised for being a drunken idiot. Apparently she didn't mind, and quite liked me trying to chat her up. Which was nice. This night was a slumber party. I had walked 30 mins wearing pyjamas and an accidentally bleached dressing gown. Then I met Denise, who was a friend of a friend of a friend. I approached her and stuck my toothbrush in her drink and gave it a stir. It wasn't supposed to be a chat-up, it was just funny! But what with one thing and another, wen ended up snogging a good portion of the night away. After a couple of accidental meetings the following week, we arranged to go out together, and I lost my virginity. With Vodka Jelly. Me and Denise were together over the Easter holidays and a bit after, until I realised I didn't really fancy her that much. I didn't really know what to do, so I just phoned her up and said I didn't want to see her anymore. I didn't like it much. The following FNO, I went to the Union, and there I met Jane, again. We had a bit of a snog, and went home together (nothing naughty mind you!). However in the end she decided she didn't want a relationship, or something. We're still friends today, so that's okay.

My 3rd year was my placement year. This involved me getting a job at DERA in Farnborough ("I program missiles"), and living in Guildford with Rachel, Paul & Liz. I learnt not to walk in on Rachel when she says "Don't come in". She was shaving. Her Bikini line. Anyway, it was a good year, I was getting paid lots and there was great entertainment to be had at uni. I got really involved in this silly night thing. Unfortunately in freshers' week, while Paul and I were pretending to be freshers, I dislocated my kneecap. I had to go to hospital. I ended up having 3 weeks off work because I couldn't walk, I had crutches, a wheelchair and lots of tubi-grip. Physio lasted months. But I think I got the better deal, because I didn't end up with Tall Bird.

My house was a hive of activity through this year, lots of people used it as a boarding house, including Crystal. I liked my 3rd year, because Crystal and I were really good friends for quite a lot of it. The whole lot of us must have scared the local taxi company, with groups of 10 going to uni dressed in Black Tie, Togas and Drag on very near consecutive weeks! It was also a time of quite a few 21st birthdays, with Charley, Rachel, Andy, Simon... Because I had no after hours work to do I was off down the Union a lot on my new motorbike. I did a lot of alcohol.