At Easter there was lots of holidays, Newquay, Canal boat with Simon & Alison, Paul & Ellen and Andy. The canal boat was great, if a bit wet, muddy and alcoholic.

For my 22nd birthday I wanted to go out and do something interesting. So, me and some friends went to Brighton. I got my nipple pierced at perforations. We had quite a fun day, with a meal at Pizza Express in the evening. Simon & Alison got me a Digereedoo and some straw glasses. Lisa & Ben got me some Mr Men melamine crockery. Quite good, really.

In my final year at uni I was back in the same house from my first year! It was great! The stairs still smelt the same! My floor still had a gay bloke! The atmosphere wasn't quite the same as in my first year. I was senior resident. I tried to take my first years out clubbing and to The Ram, but the interest wasn't really there. I tried to chat-up Helen, but the interest definitely wasn't there. By now I had taken a bigger part in silly night, and was doing lots of stuff to make sure the Union was getting the ents I'd like... Also whenever possible I liked to try and get my friends in free. There was a lot more work to do in my final year, with a software project (handwriting recognition) and lots of harder exams! Of course there were lots of parties too. Alison's 21st, two parties at the silly girls' house (that's Ruth, Esther and Nuala to you), lots of Phat Vibes, and stuff. Including the Bond Party at Simon's. That was the same night that I'd gone down to Brighton to get the BCR in my nipple changed for a barbell. While I was there I had a PA done. I only intended to show Esther & Nuala, but Simon saw me leading 2 girls into his bedroom, and curiosity got the better of him. That night I showed my willy to more people than I care to remember. So much for keeping it under my hat.

At the Christmas party that year I decided to wear a 3 piece suit. I met up with Kerry, a girl I had met at the end of my 2nd year, and had given 5p to. (No idea). She had Mistletoe. It would have been rude not to use it. Later in the evening my on my friends noticed I'd changed my clothes. This was because I couldn't find my trousers to put back on.

After Christmas, I did the Presidential Election thing, but failed to get voted in. I went to the Charter Ball, and drowned my sorrows. Still it was good fun! The next day was Nuala's Birthday. I had spent so long doing the election thing that I had been neglecting my project! So I decided to knuckle down for a bit until Easter.