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Studlands 2006

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P8130073 P8120001 P8120002 P8120003
One last look back along the beach
Aboard the ferry, heading for Studlands. Nick, Jo, Stewart, Sarah and myself in front.
Pointing, for some reason. I like the refelction in the car, note toilet paper handing from aerial.
View from the ferry
P8120004 P8120007 P8120009 P8120010
Stewart gives directions
Matt and Amy arrive carrying all their stuff in their duvet!
View from out Studlands camp.
Tents pitched
P8120012 P8120013 P8120014 P8120015
Sun setting - Sarah's photo
Sun setting - my photo
Watching the sun set from the sand dunes. Jo, Nick, Matt, Amy & Sarah
The woodery behind the dunes

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