Listen! Your can is talking to you - your cat is telling you how much she loves you. Watch! - the special friend who shares your life had so much to say to you about their feelings and needs... if only you knew how to listen and what to look for. CAT
"learn my language and lets start talking"

Open up a whole new communication between you and your pet!

If you're a cat lover like me, and wish to communication better with  your pet for a deeper, more loving relationship, then you'll want to find out how to talk to your cat, and that's where a new guide  - 'YOUR TALKING CAT' - can really help you... especially when it come to understanding what your cat is actually saying - not just what you think she is saying Yes your cat really does walk to you in her own way - and you can understand her if you know what to look for. But there's a lot more to cat talk that just 'meow'. And each has its own special meaning! Cats also talk in body language - with ears, whiskers and tail... with their poses and movements... using facial expressions and also purrs and hisses to tell us what they want.

Can you read your cat as well as your can can read you?

Cats have a lot more going for them than most people realise... for example, the are scientifically proven to possess certain telepathic powers for 'reading' the true mind-set of a human companion within seconds of observation!
Hard to believe? Read in 'YOUR TALKING CAT' what a celebrated cat-assisted therapist says about her hundreds of documented experiences creating 'conversations' between cats and people, learn the most important steps to mastering your cats language... discover how your cat can help you decipher her messages at a glance. See yourself, and everyone around you, through your cat's eyes! 'YOUR TALKING CAT' shows you how to interpret your cat's meows, facial expressions and often
intricate  body language, and answers fascinating mysteries of feline behaviours such as:

You questions answered...

  • Why your cat rubs you to show affection... and how to best show her yours
  • Why your cat circles in your lap before settling down
  • Why your cat blinks
  • How many different ways your cat purrs... and why
  • How your cat sizes up to your friends
  • Why your cat always seems to come over when you're reading or doing paperwork, and the ultimate toy to distract him
  • Why your cat doesn't like to be stared at, yet sometimes stares at you
  • how a cat knows, long before people, when a disaster is about to take place
  • What kind of toys your cat likes best
  • Why your can may panic if you oversleep
  • Why your cat loves exploring open pipes or even inside paper bags
  • how many hours your cat sleeps a day
  • And many, many other questions answered.
  • But that's not all - there's more, including a 'cat talk' chart translating your cat's language so you'll know when your pet is happiest... and illustrated charts of feline facial expressions and tail positions that reveal the tangle of your cat's mood and feelings.

You'll never see your can the same way again!

You may be surprised to discover the true depth and strength of the
bonds of affection that exist between you and your cat once you understand her unique language of communication... when you learn o secret of how to talk to your cat. Think of it - no more being totally ingnored by your independant cat... you'll soon be on your way to a closer relationship when your cat realises you understand his or her own language... and that you can make youself understood too! If you've always wondered what your cat is thinking and why she does some of the funny things she does, this working manual belings on your bookshefl.

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