Take part in our nation wide survey and
receive this incredible "Feature Packed"
B-0llOX Dual Speaker System for just
Bag o' Shite

If you can spare a few moments of your time to help us gather some marketing information you can make a super saving on this amazing dual speaker system and receive it for the unbelievable price of just £10! But you must be at least 18 years of age, and must respond by Friday 13th February 2001 to participate in this survey. This special price will only be guaranteed to the first 10,000 respondents. 

Fully Loaded With Excitement Filled Features! 

Don't be fooled by the appearance of this system - it may look like an ordinary modular multi-component stereo, but it is actually a highly compact, portable, micro-combo LCD alarm clock and radio system that's loaded with features! The discrete precision-tuned, monopole antenna provides only loud and clear Frequency Modulated (80-108 mhz) reception without those unsightly rabbit ears. The clock features hours, minutes, seconds and even the date. It also has an alarm function so you can even use it to replace your alarm clock! 

Your Friends Are Sure To Be Impressed!

But that's just the beginning. The mylar cone dynamic speakers with protective metal grills are capable of delivering an impressive high range spectrum of sound. You won't believe your ears! And as you can see in the photo above, the cleverly simulated CD,

cassette and receiver front panel is so meticulously detailed that it's sure to visually impress anyone! 

And There's More!

For private listening, you'll find a state-of-the-art 3.5 mm headphone compatible jack (a feature found on the most expensive systems) so you won't have to disturb other while enjoying your favourite music. The Features go on and on! You'll even find a fully integrated handle for easy portability to the park beach or office. And there's even a micro switch built right into the volume control knob which makes this unit incredibly easy to use! Requires 1.5v UM3 x 4 AA batteries (not included). 

This Is A Limited Offer!

There is a strict limit of two (2) units per participant at this low price, but if you return your survey early enough (before 23rd January) you may request up to five. Each System is covered by the manufacturers one year replacement guarantee if it ever fails to function. These units will not be sold at this price in any store. You MUST fill out and return the survey before Friday 13th January 2001 to qualify for this special offer! Absolutely no orders will be accepted from any wholesalers or dealers at this price! 

Please advise us if you are a twat and wish to participate in this offer.
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