Kyle for President 1999/2K
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  • Better, and better value entertainments
  • Investigate why beer is so expensive
  • Make it easier to get involved
  • Include more people in events
  • Accessible and visible sabbaticals
  • Always available
  • Keep Wednesday afternoons free
    The Union has a history of producing many great attractions, and some really bad ones. I intend to ensure that there is more of the GOOD STUFF, at more affordable prices, with greater variety. In the case of big events that cost that bit extra, itís important to be able to see where your money has gone to, which in turn will make the event appreciated more.  

    Promos have in the past created a lot of interest, but have been by nature one-off events. I propose to get more one-off promotions in, preferably on post-match Wednesdays, where they will get the best audience. There is a wide mix of cultures at this University, and we should take advantage of that by creating more individual events to cater for the different tastes of different people, and to introduce different things to all students. At present we only cater for Ďthe mainstreamí, and while this works well in some cases (see: FNO) in others there is a definite area for improvement (see: any Saturday) 

    Bits 'n' Bobs
    Tuition Fees have now been introduced nationally, but it is still worth fighting to overturn the legislation. This year we had the first group of students coming to University who had to pay tuition fees, and those Iíve spoken to are not happy with the situation.  

    Wednesday afternoons should be kept free for sporting, and other activities, but more and more departments within the university are scheduling lectures and tutorials within this time, I will continue to fight this cause. 

    The Union isnít only about entertainment, in fact thatís just a small part of it. The most important reason the Union is here is to represent and support students. And thatís all students, full time; part time; postgrad and those on placement. Everyone. There is room for improvement. People need to be kept informed of their rights, and helped wherever possible. The current level of support for placement students is not very good, more effort needs to be put in to keep people informed about whatís going on.  

    There are many opportunities for involvement within all aspects of the Union, from simply attending Student Council and airing your views and listening to those of others, through to Ents Meetings, determining the future entertainments in the Union. For the committed, there is the possibility of standing for one of the many posts available on the Union Executive Committee. However for all this opportunity, meetings are often poorly attended, but I donít believe this is down to any apathy on the part of the student population, but rather I think it is a result of poor advertising: people simply donít realise that all this opportunity exists. Opportunities for involvement need to be put in a more attractive and accessible format. 

    Nuala McGettigan, 2nd Year Economics. Silly Night, All Round Good Egg.  
    Carla Beswick, Final Year Dance. Boat Club Captain, Top Cox, All Round Good Egg  
    Justine Rose, 2nd Year Psychology. RAG Treasure(r), Charter Ball Committee Person, All Round Good Egg.  
    James Lock, 1st year Chemistry. Top Barman, All Round Good Egg.  
    Julia Ackrill, Final Year Dietetics. Lovely Girl, All Round Good Egg.  
    Simon Harrison, Final Year Elec. Eng. Mountaineering Club Bloke, All Round Good Egg. 
    I am a final year Elec. Eng. student and have been involved with Union activities for two years. I am a regular at Ents Committee Meetings, trying to ensure the best ents are chosen that will appeal to the most people. (I had nothing to do with Louise!). Together with the rest of the Silly Soc., I work to bring the best in entertainment to every alternate Wednesday night. Having spent time taIking to people, I feel I know what many of them want and expect from the Union. I am determined to make the president an approachable and identifiable position within the Union. 
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