Proposal for Kyle to be President ‘99-2000.

Once upon a time, on a wintry night, a lovely young lady went to a Friday night out and woke up in a Battersea kitchen. A young man who thought he was gonna get a bit of it had brought her there, upon realising he obviously wasn’t, he and a friend decided to wake her up. To do so they poured pints and pints of cold water over her head, prodded her and laughed at her pitiful state. Now the drenched young woman did come round, but she couldn’t help crying. She didn’t know where she was, but she knew she was wet and cold. At that the boys ran off, and so she left as soon as she could. Wandering around campus soaked through and with a tear in her eye, home was too far away without coat or keys and she felt doomed until she thought…Kyle! She arrived at Kyle’s at around 4am, but he didn’t mind, he gave her a towel and dry clothes, patted her back while she puked and then put her to bed. Any other bloke may have taken advantage of the situation, or in the least been angry, but not Kyle. So although he’s a bit bizarre, I hope my story has established that Kyle Thompson is extremely approachable, genuine and kind. The impact of this if he becomes president is that we’ll have a really nice guy on our side, who despite probably wanting fetish nights every night, due to his sociable and approachable nature he will make it easier for us to have a say in how the union is run. If you have any suggestions comments or ideas, all you’ll have to do is spot him out at Bo’s or an FNO, he’s usually the one with his willy out. 
So that's me for you, thanks Nuala!

23rd July 1999