As you may have guessed, I am an ex student of the University of Surrey. I graduated on 19th June 1999, with a 3rd Class Honours degree in Electronic Engineering. Which was nice. I was at the University for 4 years, from September 1995 until May 1999. Please bear with me while I try to explain why I had such a great time at the University of Surrey

If you've not a university person yourself, perhaps you won't understand why I loved my time at uni so much. Basically it was the people. At school I was always quite shy and reserved, but uni didn't give me much of a chance. With various discos and party nights, there wasn't time to be shy (or do any work, see result above...) and of course Marc & Matt weren't going let me sit home alone. We had Drag Discos, Fancy Dress, Top Bands. And of course FNO.

What I think of when I think of uni is The Union, a large rambling multi-storey building which hosted all the ents, and ran the welfare and good-being of each student. Forget lectures, BB building. Even Austin Powers (you need to have been there). The Union is the University of Surrey, so much so, that I gave back a couple of services.