In my 3rd year the Union had a top President, in the form of Bob. She made a great difference to the union, mostly in people's awareness of it's purpose as more than just a disco, and paradoxically, she made a big difference to the ents at uni. Enter Silly Night, enter me. Silly Night was a biweekly celebration of stupidity, an opportunity to remind the campus that we were at uni not for a degree, but for a life. It was great. I wanted in, so in I went and in doing so met some great people (you know who!). At the annual Colours Ball that year, I had a chat with Bob, discussing the possibility of my standing for President, she encouraged me all the way, and so I was decided.

My 3rd year was my Industrial Placement Year, and so on returning to uni, I decided to use the experience and stood for the part-time post of Professional Placement Officer, whose duties are to keep those students on placements informed of what's going on back at uni. Well that was the idea! (sorry to those people on placement! you know it wasn't (entirely) my fault! Otherwise in my final year I took charge of Silly Night, occasionally DJ'd my 80's music, and helped organize the various ents that occur during your average uni week.

Then came the elections. As I say I had decided to stand for the position of President of the Union, no small task, but it was something I wanted to do! So with posters designed (a funky caricature) and manifesto written, all I needed was an introductory speech from someone... enter Nuala, with possibly the best ever proposal speech given in an election. Unfortunately, for all my efforts, I was unsuccessful in my attempt. But then I managed to drown my sorrows at the Charter Ball. Which was nice!

After the elections I concentrated on working until I finished in May, then another big boogie at the Graduation Ball, and then... Whatever next?